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Weston Residence

This is the only log home that I've designed a remodel for.  Located on ten acres this client had plenty of room to expand the kitchen and dining room.  We added 10' in depth to the rear wall from the dining room over to the laundry room.  This allowed us to not only expand the kitchen but to add some other spaces to the home as well.


The client had no desire to have the kitchen open up to the family room - in fact she wanted to be able to close it off at times to keep the noise level down which is why we added the barn door at the entry to the dining room.  The clients relocated some of the appliances from the original plan but I think that it turned out fantastic!


The entry into the kitchen from the rear porch was moved to the laundry room which was expanded to include extra storage and space for another refrigerator.  We were able to add a mud room between the family and dining rooms which allowed quick access from the garage. 

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