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The Design Process

Designing a home or an addition is really easier than most people think it is; but it's helpful to know that there are several steps involved and seldom (if ever) is a design solution finalized with the first sketch...

Typically I will interview prospective clients over the phone to find out their design needs:  if they want to design a new home; remodel an existing home; or expand their living space with an addition.  Next I'll meet with them to discuss ideas for their particular project.


In the case of a new home design it is extremely helpful if the client can provide any photos, etc., showing examples of things that they'd like to see in their new home.  When the clients want to remodel or add on to their existing home I'll walk through the house with them and discuss how they would like to transform the space in order to meet their current requirements.


Next I start putting pencil to paper.  Based on our conversations I will develop a scheme and present it to the client.  This is often when the clients start to feel more involved in the design process because they get to say, "We'd really like to make this space larger," or "Can we move this wall and rearrange the kitchen this way?"  As a designer it's my job to mold and shape the project so that it will fit the client's needs and desires.


Once the floor plan is accepted by the home owners I will proceed to develop the exterior elevations for their approval as well.  After the elevations are approved I will provide a complete set of construction drawings which are needed by the builder not only to provide an accurate bid but to also acquire the proper building permits.

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