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Mefford Residence

This home was one of the first historic remodels that I designed in downtown McKinney.  Originally it was a simple, non-descript house built in the 1940's and my clients wanted something that looked a bit more like a Craftsman bungalow.  There were some odd-shaped windows in some of the rooms that we changed to give the house a more Craftsman look.


Originally a two bedroom house sometime during the house's history a previous owner finished out part of the attic into a loft that was accessed with a hideous staircase.  We expanded the loft and bathroom upstairs and changed the staircase to a spiral stair in order to give more space to the living room.


The kitchen was opened up to the dining room and the two downstairs bedrooms were opened to create a bedroom with a sitting area.  We also added a larger back porch and removed the aluminum siding from around the house to expose the house's original siding.

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