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McKinney Residence

This particular client saw a plan that they really liked in the Southern Living portfolio. One of the advantages to purchasing a Southern Living home plan is allowed to customize it. The homeowners purchased Plan SL-1445 – Kenilworth designed by Debbie L. Simmons exclusively for Southern Living, and I worked with them customizing the home to fit their needs.


We opened up the dining room and study entries into the foyer more. Originally the plan had the master bedroom located in the middle of the house with the master bath at the rear but we flipped the two spaces so the bedroom would have better views to the rear and access to the widened porch. In the kitchen we added a bar and cabinets to separate that space from the family room, and we relocated the fireplace in the family room to the side wall to open up the views and access to the rear porch.


So many adjustments were made to the initial plan that when photos of the finished house were sent in to Southern Living they didn't even think it was the same plan.

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