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Gentle Creek

This residence was stuck in the 90's - and it was too small for the family who hired me to design the remodel.


The foyer felt cramped with a curved staircase that you had to sneak by to get to the family room, and since it was a two-story space it felt like you were standing in a chimney.  We pulled the rear walls of the house out eight feet and relocated the stairs in the addition.  The upper part of the foyer was turned into an additional closet and seating area for the bedroom over the dining room.


Expanding the rear of the house meant that the family room, kitchen, former study (now media room), and upstairs game room and bedroom were enlarged.  The kitchen was remodeled and the fireplace given a face lift.  We were also able to add a great upstairs porch off of the game room which helped shelter the house from the setting sun.

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