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The Chancellor Residence

The clients who built this house wanted a house that had the feel of a traditional Southern plantation house but with a slightly contemporary flair.  Through several meetings we were successful in achieving that goal.  We raised the house above the surrounding grade nearly three feet and the added height really gives a sense of presence.


Even at 7,400 s.f. the home feels very cozy and intimate.  On the main level the front porch sweeps across the foyer, dining room, and study.  The media room is on this level but separate from the main living areas.  The family room overlooks the dining room, both of which have a fireplace.  The kitchen boasts a banquette table as well as hearth area with fireplace.  Mom's home office is also located in close proximity to the kitchen.


Upstairs the master bathroom, laundry room, and one of the kids' bedrooms share the upper porch.  The master suite, located at the rear of the house, has its own private porch area as well as separate closets.  Two other bedrooms, a game room, an exercise room, and kids study make up the rest of the upper level.

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