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Baldwin Residence

This house was built for the Largent family in 1876.  Mr. Largent was a lumberman and also owned a cattle ranch with hundreds of acres.  He built this house for his family, and he had nine children.  Originally a 2-story house, the 2nd floor burned sometime during the 1930's and was never rebuilt.


The original stair hall was in the middle of the house which by the time we got to it was merely a room connecting other rooms.  There original fretwork in the foyer was retained but the wall behind it (a later bad addition) was removed, and we turned the original stair hall into the kitchen.  The house's original dining room (the red room) changed functions into the family room, and the front parlor became an over-sized dining room.


What was the kitchen at the rear of the home became the master suite.  We added a private bath and a bay window on the side of the houses for more room and light.

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